The largest non-profit, Amateur digital radio network in Oregon & SW Washington designed specifically for SAR and to support Public Service.


The SAR DMR radio system comprises 14 high level, linked, commercial grade repeaters. The system was purpose built to support various SAR & public service groups.  The OR SAR C-bridge hosts 3 MMDVM servers, many high site repeaters and one portable DMR repeater that can be deployed any where that is needed.  

The SAR DMR system started life as part of the PNW Digital network. PNW Digital is a great group that continues to support DMR activity in the NW, and we are still an “affiliate network” with PNW. Check out their website for some great information about DMR in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. We continue to maintain a few linked talkgroups with PNW. 

The SAR DMR system uses Motorola repeaters linked using a C-Bridge. Two of the Motorola repeaters are SLR8000 100 watt units, the others are SLR 5700 50 watt units.  Most of the high sites have 6 cavity duplexers, some have 4 cavity.  All repeaters use a circulator, hardline and commercial quality mountain top antennas.

The system is privately funded and privately owned for the primary purpose of supporting Search & Rescue and public service. When not being used for SAR or public service, the system is available for reasonable use by licensed individuals. Please see the  “Talkgroups & Usage”  page for details. 


For system updates and questions, join our discussion group at:

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