Sometimes less is more!


If you have been around DMR for a while, you will probably notice something right away:


We don’t have a ton of talkgroups!

(TG List below)


This is by design. Our primary mission is to support public service, emergency and SAR communications. Reducing the number of talkgroups that are linked outside of the area keeps the system available for these uses.  Users on House Mtn, Oakridge and Florence have access to Oregon Statewide talk group (3141) on full time for reasonable QSO’s  
There are many options for users to talk around the world using DMR, be it a hotspot device or via a DMR repeater linked to Brandmeister. The SAR DMR network is a C-Bridge based DMR system.
Users in the Portland/Gorge area wanting more talkgroup options may want to check out one of the repeaters on the PNW system
Setting up a repeater system like this was no easy task.  I want to say THANK YOU to many local HAM radio operators who donated their time and skills to make this all happen.  And to the local Sheriff’s Department’s, County Radio Techs and private companies that donated tower, rack space and internet connection, much appreciation.
The system is used extensively for Search and Rescue activities, community service support and in the last few years, wildfire support and coordination. 



SAR DMR System User Guide
  • If the system is not being used for SAR or EMCOMM it can be used for “regular” HAM radio traffic as long as the guidelines below are followed:
  • All licensed HAM radios operators are welcome to give it a try, but due to the mission of the system, it is NOT meant to be used for “chat line” or “rag chew” conversations. Please keep QSOs under 10 minutes
  • Please program a receive list that includes all of the other talkgroups on that same time slot. This will allow you to monitor activity on other talkgroups so you don’t accidentally interrupt them. (Or use monitor mode)
  • When you want to transmit make sure your radio is on the talk group you want before pressing the PTT
  • Use Local-1 for calling and short QSO’s 5-10 minutes. All users on the system should monitor Local-1 all the time
  • Use Local-2 for longer QSO’s. (Local 2 should have all TS2 talk groups in receive list)
    • Even if you’re on Local 2, (or any other talk group) and you have been on the air for 15-20 minutes take a break and give the repeaters a rest
  • When you push the PTT button on your radio, say your call sign, what talkgroup you are on, and what your intentions are. (Monitoring, calling a station, testing etc..)
  • Radio traffic can be restricted for Emergency Communications or Search and Rescue activity at any time
  • If you activate a PTT talk group make your contact/call your station. No CQ/Open calls for “any station” please
  • Local-1 is a great place to meet the folks who use the system and ask questions!
If you’ve read this far, and would like frequencies and talkgroup IDs, contact us at the e-mail address at the bottom of the page.


WHY ???

We know it’s a pain to “request” repeater information and it would be easier to have it listed here.  However, by sending an e-mail, we have a way to contact you, and to ensure that you are aware of what talkgroups are supported. We know there is a growing interest in DMR, and we just want to make sure the system is available for its intended purpose when needed.
Thanks for understanding!


SAR DMR Talkgroups

If you have any questions about usage or special requests, please contact us at the email below, or at our discussion group:
Name / Slot Full Time / PTT Use & Notes
Local-1FTMain chat channel - linked between all SAR repeaters (except 900 meg)
Local-2FTSecondary chat channel - NOT system wide
Oregon-1Activated by schedule only on SAR sites. PTT on 900. FT on House, Florence and Oakridge.Oregon Net: Monday @ 1900 hrs
Washington-1PTT Activation-Washington State Talkgroup - special use only
PNW RegionalActivated by schedule only (otherwise not carriedNET Wednesday @ 1900
(ALL PNW Hailing)
FTPNW System-wide hailing - NO QSO's, hail and move to state or local TG
Parrot-1PTT ActivationAudio play back / testing
Search & Rescue
FT - SAR teams onlySecondary SAR TG
Search & Rescue
FT - SAR teams onlyPRIMARY SAR channel, if in use, please do NOT use other slot-2 TGs
SAR Tac-2PTT Activation - SAR teams onlySAR TAC Talkgroup